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Talking Astrophotography

My brother has been visiting for a couple of days now and has been helping with all kinds of things that need to be done for both my mom and my dad. We have gone to see my dad for the past two days, but he has been fast asleep. Since he got COVID, he is still very tired and when his body is ready to sleep, that’s all that can be done. We went again this morning to find him curled up in bed. My brother announced himself and my dad responded with eyes closed that he wanted to visit, but couldn’t wake up. We just left him alone to sleep while we visited amongst ourselves and took care of a few things in his apartment. After an hour, he stirred. I gently nudged him and told him my brother was here. My dad was surprised and happy to hear that and evidently had slept enough for the time being. He got himself up and he and my brother had a good conversation about astrophotography. My dad was very engaged and interested as my brother explained about his new telescope set up. I didn’t even understand most of what they were talking about. I was so happy that they finally had a good visit.

I Found God today in a good visit with my dad and brother.

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