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Cabin Times

We decided to close up the cabin for the winter this year to save some money. My brother got the guy from the water company to come blow out the pipes to make sure nothing freezes. Today my sister and I went for a drive and stopped up there. We took care of a couple additional things and brought back any food that would not last for an extended period of time. We thought about and talked about the last time my parents enjoyed their time up there. My sister found a photo of us there last summer. It was obvious on my dad’s face that he wasn’t comfortable. The dementia was stealing him away and after that trip he became more and more confused about where he was. It was sad. But we also talked about and remembered so many happy times up there. I am grateful for those times. And I’m grateful I was able to get my parents up there to enjoy as much time as was possible.

I Found God today remembering and being grateful for good times with my parents at the cabin.

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