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With God and Others

I was pleasantly surprised when my mom said she would like to go to the parish Stations of the Cross and fish fry tonight. The prayers were the same as those I did with my friend the other day, so I felt like I was able to pray along with a little more intent. Afterwards, we made our way downstairs for the meal. My mother said it reminded her of the fish fry’s they used to have in her home town when she was a child. There was a small crowd in attendance, so we sat with some people we never met. It turned out that the woman’s 90 year old mother had passed away a couple of months ago, so she was a little emotional, but very sweet. We told her about my dad’s death too. Then we found out that her sister had the same name as my mom, too. Funny connections. It was so good for me and my mom to be out, praying, and socializing.

I Found God today being with God and with others.

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