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Saving Baby Bunny

Early this morning I heard a lot of commotion in the basement. I looked in the window well and saw a tiny baby bunny who was trying to get out. It would try to jump straight up, but only made it a few inches. It tried jumping onto the window screen and climbing up, but that didn’t work too well either. Luckily, my brother was here. I showed him the situation when he returned from walking his dog. Of course, his dog was very interested and willing to help. But, we thought it no best to put her in the bedroom. We got a big towel and opened the window. We tried to create a barrier with the screen and herd the little one into the towel. In a few seconds, it was on the floor inside the house. Luckily, it cornered itself immediately and became so frightened it couldn’t move. My brother was able to pick it up and put it into the towel. He wrapped it up and brought it outside. He opened up the towel near a big bush away from the window. After a couple moments of being in a frozen state, the baby bunny scurried away. We were happy the rescue was a success.

I Found God today rescuing a baby bunny.

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