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Wonderful Childhood

My sister, my mom and I were talking about our childhood today. My sister and I reminisced about going outside to play all the time. Most of the time we didn’t have a specific time or purpose, we would just go outside and play with whoever was there. And the other kids did the same thing. My mother said she had a great time as a child too. She and her friends would play outside all the time as well. They had a great neighborhood in the German area of town. Her family was German, but not everyone in the community was. However, everyone did their best to learn to communicate with one another. She said that every Friday night her whole extended family would get together at a local pub for the Fish Fry. She named and counted 9 kids and 8 adults in 4 families. The men would play cards, the women would talk, and the kids would play the piano and play games. I realized that even as things change, the joy of just getting together with others is beyond time.

I Found God today recalling childhood fun.

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