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Baby Hawk

We have been keeping a close eye on the hawk’s nest in the tallest pine tree in our yard, but are unable to see directly into the nest. They have it tucked away and hidden pretty well. The other day, I talked with one of the neighbors who said she had a clear view of the nest and could see one baby bird. Since then, we have been able to catch quick glimpses of the little downy white baby bird when the angle is just right. All of our bird watching really paid off today. As my mom, sister, and I sat outside for lunch, we saw and heard a lot of commotion in the nest. In a few minutes, an adult flew out of the tree. A little while later, there was more movement and my sister said she could see the baby bird’s head popping up. I grabbed my camera, watched, and snapped a few shots. When we looked at them on the computer, we could see that the baby has been growing quite large. It’s wings are very big and have full brown adult feathers. I got a couple photos of it standing on the nest and stretching them out. It is fascinating and exciting to watch this nature episode unfold right before us.

I Found God today seeing the baby hawk as it grows.

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