Key Lime Pie

My mom receives recipes in her email on a regular basis. The other day it included a recipe for key lime pie. She mentioned it to me and my sister. She told us that her father loved key lime pie, but even as a baker, he never made one. They did, however, make it to Florida where he was able to indulge in the dessert. Since the email didn’t get deleted, my mom saw it many times and would point it out to us. Today, my sister decided to make one. She found a recipe in my mom’s old cookbook that sounded good to my mom. It turned out delicious! Even though my mother can’t smell and has trouble tasting, she said she could taste especially the lime in the pie. That in itself made it all worthwhile.

I Found God today in my sister making a pie that my mom enjoyed.

4 comments on “Key Lime Pie

  1. What a loving gesture! I’d love a piece of that pie. 😋


  2. Bruce and I shared a piece of Key Lime Pie when we were dating in Colorado before we were engaged when he came out to visit me after we’d met at our 35th class reunion in Concord when I attended (for the first time.). Now we try to order that whenever they have it on a menu in any restaurant or State!!  The best one we had was in VA once!

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