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Sibling Hike

One brother and one sister were here today and our friend was coming to spend a couple hours with my mom. It was a gorgeous day, so my siblings and I went for a hike. My brother brought his dog as usual, but she’s been having problems with her hip, so we weren’t sure how she would do. And my sister said she hadn’t been on a hike since she broke her leg 5 years ago, so we weren’t sure how she would do either. We went to a place that is always busy, but thought early on a Thursday morning perhaps there wouldn’t be too many people there. We were right. Several groups of people were at the beginning of the trailheads, but the further we went, the less there were. It was quite hot in the sun and we took many shady water breaks. At the end, we all made it almost 3 miles. Then we found a place for lunch where we could sit outside with the dog. It did rain a bit, but it felt good. It was great to spend time with siblings. And I was so grateful for our trusted friend who I know cares well for mom.

I Found God today in an enjoyable sibling hike.

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