Made the Visit

With her daughter’s encouragement, my mom’s friend had minor surgery to lift her eyelids last week so she could see better. The surgery went very well, but it left her with some bruises around her eyes. She called yesterday and wondered if she should still come over since she looked like Boris Karloff. She didn’t want my mom to worry about her, but mom wanted her to come. This morning, my mom didn’t feel well and wondered if she should have her friend over at all. I encouraged her to let her come as she always feels better when she visits. So, my mom’s friend did come over. They both had a nice visit and as a bonus, played the piano together very well. I was glad they got together after they were both hesitant.

I Found God today in a well deserved visit for my mom and her friend.

2 comments on “Made the Visit

  1. I love this! I am glad each of them saw each other despite looks or feeling off. I think it is great that they still played the piano!


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