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Praying For Healing

We have a list of people we pray for every day to Our Lady of Lourdes for healing. A friend of mine had a serious infection and was hospitalized even over Thanksgiving. It was such great news to hear that she went home today. Another friend has a nephew who was in a car accident 2 weeks ago and is in the hospital in very serious condition. He has been struggling with ups and downs. My friend has been sharing updates and prayer requests. Today the prayer request was for the young man to be safely extubated tomorrow. Today we read the meditation from The Word Among Us, and it was specifically about praying for healing. It said in part:

“… We believe in Jesus’ power and authority to heal, but sometimes our own misconceptions can act as obstacles as well. … God wants to heal and wants to use us as instruments to heal other people. It’s that simple. So let’s clear away any misconceptions or assumptions that tempt us to question that reality. Keep believing and keep praying, and the Lord will praise your faith, just as he did for this Roman centurion.”

Bold words asking for bold faith. I encourage you to boldly pray for this young man and for your own healing intercessions.

I Found God today in a reminder of His healing power.

One comment on “Praying For Healing

  1. Please pray for Barbara Dumont who is


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