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Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe

For many years, I have been wanting to have something beautiful to look at in the window well of my room. I thought about an outside saint or angel statue, but found them to be so expensive. This summer, my sister and I were out and about and stopped in a shop that contained all things from Mexico. There, I found a cement statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Next to Our Lady of Lourdes, this is my favorite image of Mary, the Mother of God. I have been fascinated by the image that was miraculously imprinted upon the poncho of Juan Diego after his apparitions of her and the discoveries made from it. As the native people saw the image, the notion of a brown-skinned Mary figure was critical to the eventual conversion of millions of indigenous people to Roman Catholicism. She said ‘If you love me, trust me and believe in me, I will respond.’ So, I bought the statue and the employee had to heave her into the car for me. My sister helped me paint her – just a little – and waterproof her. Then, my son lifted and placed her in my window well. Today I cleaned out the window well, cleaned the windows, and placed some flowers at her feet. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

I Found God today in Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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