Another Miracle

Last week I shared a story about a dog hero. Only a couple of days later, my friend was in distress because that same dog was now in the emergency room himself and the vet was only giving him a 5% chance of survival. I knew this tragedy was too much for my friend. She put out the call for prayers as did I. That afternoon the dog came through his emergency surgery and they increased his chance to 20%. The dog continued to recover and surprise everyone – especially the vet who called him their miracle dog. Only 2 days after the ordeal, he was able to go home. My friend said he was all full of energy and went straight for the toys. She shared a picture of the 2 of them and their joy radiated through the screen. This is what she said about her recent experiences: “… it is so overwhelming you cannot comprehend the gift you have been given. Just so people know it can happen. The human mind is not equipped to handle a miracle. You just have to feel it…”

I Found God today in the power of prayer and God’s miraculous healing.

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