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Family Reunited

My mom and I were talking about our neighbors’ grandson who was born premature, then got sick, but now is home. My mom talked about the baby that she had born premature. His lungs weren’t fully developed and unfortunately at that time, the medical professionals didn’t have the technology to treat infants born too early. My brother was named and baptized before God took him home. I told my mom that now, God willing, he is with his father, as are the other miscarriages that my mom had. She had not thought about that before and we both got teary eyed. Not only that, the pregnancy that I had that ended too early as well as others in my family are, again God willing, together in Heaven and are praying for us. That is very comforting.

I Found God today in the hope that our loved ones who have left this earth are together and in Heaven.

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