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God Said Rest

It was a beautiful sunny day today, so mom and I sat outside for a while determined to get some of that healing vitamin D. After a few minutes, our neighbor came out to his porch too. He has a bad respiratory infection and had the same idea of getting good air and sunshine. We chatted a bit. Then my mom and I decided to walk a little since we haven’t done so in weeks. We walked to the end of our walkway and back. Before we made it back, I started feeling ill and was happy to get back inside and to the sofa. After lunch I took a 2 hour nap. I chatted with a friend later and told her how frustrating it is that my COVID recovery seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. But I am trying to be patient and grateful that I am moving in a positive direction. I told her I just get up every morning and ask God what He wants me to do. She reminded me that sometimes God just says rest. True.

I Found God today in a reminder that right now I need to rest.

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