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Catechism in a Year

I started missing my Bible class a while ago, but at the same time I have not wanted to start a new course. Then I learned about the Catechism in a Year by Ascension Press. It is a daily podcast led by Fr. Mike Schmitz who I have been a fan of. Starting from the beginning of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, he reads excerpts and comments on them. Each session is only about 20 minutes long. The overarching theme of the Catechism itself is the truth about God’s eternal, unbelievable love for us as humanity and as individuals. Even though I have heard many of the writings and ideas before, they can touch my heart in a new way. That is part of the beauty of God’s love. I have been listening to the podcast before I go to bed, contemplating, and journaling my thoughts. Some of my take-aways in these first few days are: God has loved me into existence and wants me to exist. In Him I live and move and have my being. God is inexpressible, incomprehensible, invisible, ungraspable. By putting Him into my version of who He is, I am actually impeding my own spiritual growth and life that God has for me and those around me. This podcast is such a blessing in that it is not just head information about what Catholics believe, but speaks to the heart of the matter.

I Found God today opening myself up to Him more by reading the Catechism.

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