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The Greenhouse Effect

Last week, we received several flower and plant deliveries as people remembered the 1 year anniversary of my dad’s death. Also, one of our friends is away, so we are caring for their plants. We have happily found ourselves in a greenhouse. We counted 25 potted plants and 4 vases of fresh cut flowers. Luckily, my mom has taught me all her secrets so the cut flowers will last as long as possible, such as changing the water at least every 2 days while cutting the stems back each time and taking off any leaves that are below the water line. We have had them for a week now, and the lillies get even more beautiful every day. The orchids typically bloom at the beginning of February, and sure enough, the first one bloomed February 1st. Aside from all the health benefits, they are just beautiful to look at and make us happy. It is a blessing.

I Found God today in His creation of plants and flowers.

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