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Sourdough Starter

I have been wanting to try to make sourdough bread since I saw a video of a friend making it. I don’t eat much gluten because it upsets my stomach. But i understand that the sourdough is good for digestion because it is fermented. When my sister was taking care of a friend’s house, one of the things she did was to feed a batch of sourdough starter they had. They actually made it two years ago from an Aspen tree on their property in the forest. When she left, they sent some of the starter with her. We fed it today by adding flour and water and read up on what to do with it. I was amazed at the fact that it started with a tree, and now it continues to grow. We’ll be able to make bread and pancakes for a long time as long as we take care of it.

I Found God today in the wonders of the world.

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