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Easter Prep Fun

Palm Sunday weekend means getting ready for Easter. For years at our house that has meant candy making weekend, so today we started the process. This afternoon my son, his wife and kids came over to get in on the fun. And fun it was. My sister was the chocolatier extraordinare and tempered all the chocolate perfectly. My daughter in law mixed up the peanut butter and coconut filling and we made the egg shaped mounds to go into the chocolate molds. My older grandson’s had ideas of their own for their creations and we were happy to indulge. My granddaughter sat with my mom for a long time as my mom taught her the solitaire game on her iPad. Then she came and added sprinkles to the big egg molds before filling them with white chocolate. In the evening my other son came over with his girlfriend. They visited the rest of the clan for a while before the grandkids had to head home. They tagged in and we started the second shift which included a lot of finishing and wrapping. When all was done, the kitchen was a disaster with chocolate in every nook and cranny. But no matter, it was a day of great fun and many goodies to share.

I Found God today in a fun day making candy with family.

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