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Giving Up

There are things I do and think that are not at all positive or life-giving. I feel like I try so hard to change them to no avail. I pray and pray that God would change them. I’m sure He wants me to be a better person, so why doesn’t He just fix me? The whole thing can be incredibly frustrating and I can feel like I’m failing. This morning in prayer, I had a thought. Of course God knows my struggles. But instead of being in a constant state of tug of war with myself, I should simply give it to God. Give Him my thoughts, both good and bad. Give Him my actions and reactions, no matter what they are. Give them to God and allow Him to fight my inner battle. I tried to do this during the day, and it was effective in the moment. It reminded me of Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to keep still.” I need to practice more surrendering by keeping still. My hope is that as I do, God will in fact have the victory.

I Found God today giving up to Him.

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