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Hats For All

My mom’s piano friend came over today and told us a story of a woman that she knew from her church. Every week the woman would wear at hat to church. That reminded me of a woman I used to know who also wore a hat to church every week. We lovingly called her the “hat lady”. My mom’s friend’s “hat lady” owned 52 hats – one for each week. Unfortunately, the woman died a few months ago. But, she generously donated all her hats to the church to sell or whatever they wanted to do with them. Another woman that attended the church died a few weeks ago. She was from England. Her family wanted to have a tea at the church after the funeral. Our friend works with the funeral meals ministry, so they all got together and planned the menu. They also had access to the hats. They ladies each picked out a hat to wear and offered them to anyone attending the tea. If they wanted to keep the hat, they were welcomed to. The family and friends of the English woman were very happy and grateful that things worked out that way. Many women did keep their hats and made a donation to the church. I thought that was a beautiful set of events that brought joy and connections to strangers.

I Found God today in beautiful connections.

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