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The Chef

This afternoon I attended a Fostering Hope event with about 8 young people and other adults. We were treated to a cooking class by the executive chef of a local breakfast/lunch restaurant. The eatery has a “farm-to-table” concept in that they purchase as much local, clean food as they can. They even have their own bee-man who delivers honey. The young chef and his sous-chef taught us much about eggs and how to cook them. They also showed us how to prepare vegetables and make a hollandaise sauce. Then the youth started asking some great questions. One asked what the kitchen is like when someone messes up or when the chef gets upset. Evidently, she had seen “Hell’s Kitchen” and wondered what it was really like in the kitchen. The chef answered that they try to encourage people and keep a positive attitude. He said a negative attitude just gets passed around from person to person. The mission of the restaurant is for the customers to have a great experience and a wonderful meal. He said that each person working there is important, from the greeters to the wait staff, the chefs and the dishwashers. Everyone’s job is important and contributes to being able to feed people an outstanding meal. He told us how he learned from the owner who owned several other restaurants as well. The owner took the chefs to the fields, farms, and ranches where they purchased the food. They got their hands dirty as they participated in the harvest. He wanted them to see, appreciate, and respect how the food was produced. After our cooking lesson, everyone had an opportunity to make their own omelette. The chef stood nearby and encouraged each person to flip their eggs using the pan – as you might flip a pancake. Of course, he made it look easy. But a couple of people succeeded. As the chef shared his story, philosophy, and knowledge, he was such a great example for the young people – and for me. I learned that the owner of the restaurant and his wife were foster parents at one point. They were advocates and supporters of foster families and the Fostering Hope program. It was clear that their care and concern for people is leaving quite an impression on those around them and is getting passed around.

I Found God today in an inspiring, encouraging young man.

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