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Toddler Dad

Tonight at dinner, my mom was talking about a cottage on a lake that she used to visit as a child. She said it was near the cottage that my dad’s family owned. I never knew about that. My dad said they went for a few years before the Depression. During that time, they were no longer able to afford it. However, in the 1980’s, my uncle was able to purchase the property. My dad got out one of his old photo albums and found a few pictures of him at the cottage. He was 2 years old at the time. He had lots of curly hair and a smile that showed off his dimples. I asked him to smile and could still see the little dent in his cheek in the same place. It was fun to see him as a toddler with his parents. Included in the photos were the outhouse as there was no indoor plumbing, his shoes that had a hole in them as they needed to have new soles put on them, and their “new” old car. I enjoyed looking, listening, and thinking about my dad’s childhood.

I Found God today seeing my dad as a toddler and appreciating his childhood.

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