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Super Hero

My son spent some time just hanging out with us today. Somehow we got on a long extensive conversation about super heroes, comic books, and their stories. We recently watched one of the Avengers movies, so perhaps that is how it all started. We talked about the many threads of the different super hero stories and how they got all intertwined. The movies now are following one of those threads and each one is a box office hit. We found that comic books came out when my parents were very young, but they both could remember reading Superman and Batman. My mom remembered Captain America as well. Evidently, that character was created as a direct response to World War II. Perhaps that is why super heroes are still so popular today. With all the upheaval in world, people want to believe in something or someone bigger than themselves that can and will intervene for the good of mankind. People with faith in Jesus Christ can believe that this has actually happened. God Himself came to the world and fought evil not with violence and force, but with love and sacrifice. He has shown us the way to conquer our biggest fear – death. Talk about a super hero!

I found God today comparing Him to a super hero.

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