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Dad’s Physics Interview

Today my dad received a phone call from a man who worked for him while he was in the Air Force about 40 years ago. He was a “young kid” when my dad first met him. They worked together in meteorology and weather forecasting. The gentleman had retired himself as a Lieutenant Colonel 17 years ago. He was now doing work for the American Institute of Physics researching the history of space weather science. He had spoken to several people and evidently, my dad’s name kept coming up, so he asked if he could interview him. He came over this evening and they took a few minutes to catch up. Then, they sat down at the dining room table for the official interview. My dad talked about how he got into the military and ended up working in meteorology. He spoke about his early assignments, the work he was doing, and his Master’s Thesis regarding the ionosphere, which was new information at the time. He recalled places, dates, and important people along the way. We will be receiving a transcript of the interview sometime in the future. After the interview, the gentleman told my dad how much he appreciated how he treated him when he was so new to the job and what a good mentor he was. My dad said that when he met him, he knew he had much to offer and would go far. Many years ago, my dad gave him a copy of the Introduction to Space college textbook that he wrote. His friend said he remembered that and gave my dad a copy of the book that he wrote. The whole experience was such a blessing to me and I hope for my dad as well. It was wonderful to hear the concise description of my dad’s time in the Air Force. And it was heart warming to hear the words of gratitude and encouragement from them both to one another.

I Found God today in a beautiful connection that my dad made with an old friend.

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