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Here’s to Hope

Today I read a quote from Pope Francis that really touched my heart:

“Hope would always have us recognize that there is always a way out, that we can always redirect our steps, that we can always do something to solve our problems.”

I thought about this and how easily I can feel stuck in circumstances or problems. I can feel powerless in some situations. But even if I think there is nothing I can do, the reality is there is always something I can do. Sometimes I receive a suggestion from another person – family, friends, professionals. Sometimes it is a matter of changing my mindset. Sometimes I just have to give the situation to God in prayer. Most of the time when I can do that, I am amazed at how things turn out. That proves to me that prayer is active participation, not passive. When I hope, I am not simply throwing things out there and see where they land. I am trusting in God’s great plan for my life and the lives of those around me.

I Found God today in a reminder of the importance of hope.

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