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Forgiven Accident

The other day as I was driving into a parking lot, I saw a car backing out of a parking spot in front of me. The driver of the small car couldn’t see me as there was a big truck next to it so I stopped and waited for it to back up. Suddenly, I felt a thud in the rear of the car. Someone else backed up right into me. I got out to see what the damage was. The older woman who hit me also got out and was beside herself. As I collected her information, she apologized over and over and carried on about how she had gotten into another accident a couple of years ago and her insurance rates were very high. She asked if we could not go through the insurance adjusters and she would just pay for the damage. I told her it was up to my dad as it was his car. When I got home, I told my dad about the incident and only a few minutes later, the woman called to apologize to him and ask if she could just pay for the damage and not go through the insurance company. My dad told her it would take a couple of days to see how much that would be and he would let her know. We took a closer look at the vehicle and cleaned off the mark from the bumper. There was no dent and only a small scratch. My dad decided it wasn’t worth having repaired. I called the woman today and told her. She was very grateful and again beside herself. She said she had been praying about the situation and she would be praying for me and my dad. We made her very happy.

I Found God today being able to make a woman very happy.

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