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Cheering Up

My sister came to visit for a couple of days. She unexpectedly lost her job two weeks ago and has been really struggling. Naturally, it was a hit to her self-esteem and she is wondering what she could/should do next. When you are in your 50’s, it is a totally different ball game. My parents and I were glad that she came on her birthday. We had a little party for her that day and a bigger party for her today. My son came over and brought some new games to try out. My other sister made lunch and an amazing fruit tart. My dad and brothers pitched in and totally surprised her with a new iPad so she can work on graphic design or any other artistry. She is very talented in that way. Today’s party followed that theme. I looked up some decorating ideas and hung some paint buckets with tablecloths streaming from them so it looked like paint flowing out. I remembered last year we went to a painting party and wondered if I could replicate that at home. I didn’t want to do a whole picture as I knew that would be too complicated. As I wandered through the craft store, I figured it out. I got the individual letters made of wood to spell out her name. Each person painted one letter using their own style. They turned out so cute. I got a piece of wood to put the letters on and the words, “Family” and “Love” also made of wood. My crafty sister will put the whole thing together. It was such a fun day. My sister was so surprised and so happy. We were all glad that we were able to cheer her up.

I Found God today being able to cheer my sister.

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