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Miracle Story

Due to the impending snow storm, my parents and I went to church yesterday and I was so glad we did. I woke up to blowing snow and covered streets. The priest at church was a visiting missionary and preparing to give a retreat to the parish. He told a story about a man he knew in one of his previous parishes who went to church and volunteered to help with the picnic and such, but stayed on the outskirts as far as spirituality went. One day, the priest found out that the man had been sick for a year, and the doctors gave him only 30 days left to live as his body was now full of cancer. The priest followed a series of promptings that he felt from God. They led to the man agreeing to come to church a couple of times a week and having the priest and some from the congregation pray with him. The man then went to Confession as he had not been since his first time in 2nd grade. After more prayer, the priest was prompted to rebuke the cancer from the man, which he did. Shortly after that, the man spent weeks in the hospital with the doctors doing all kinds of tests. The result was that they could find no more cancer in the man. When he reported it to the priest and the congregation, they all wept with joy. The man was very humbled and wondered why God would do such a thing for him. He joined the team that helps others to come into the church and shares his miracle with everyone he can. It was such a beautiful story of the power of God.

I Found God today in a miracle story.

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