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Call to Action

At church this morning, the priest opened his homily by saying, “I haven’t been sleeping well lately – only about 3 hours a night.” I wondered where this was going. He explained that since the school shooting in Florida, he has not been able to get the tragedy out of his mind. He met with some of his staff people and volunteers and went over safety issues in the church building. They outlined some changes that needed to be addressed. How sad, I thought, that this has to be a topic for discussion. At the same time, I was glad that he wasn’t just burying his head in the sand and was being pro-active. He continued by saying how easy it is to point fingers and blame a disaster on this person or that person, this reason or that reason, this thing or that thing. But, we must first look at ourselves. He challenged us to think about how we treat one another and to do better. We should concentrate on reaching out to others, to act with kindness towards each other. This is, after all, what Jesus did and as Christians, we should emulate. He spoke powerful words with a powerful voice and received a round of applause when he was finished. His call to action was energizing and empowering.

I Found God today in a resounding call to action.

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