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Speaking to Strangers

I was grateful to be able to attend a Caregiver Pampering Day today. A couple other ladies I have met in caregiver groups were there too. The day was inspiring, collaborative, joyful, relaxing, and encouraging. At dinner with my parents tonight, we read the scripture and meditation for the day. It was based on Jesus’ teaching that we are to love even those who don’t love us. The reading challenged us to get outside our comfort zone and speak to someone we don’t know. We thought about it and each had an example of how we did that today. At the event I went to, I sat with the ladies that I knew. Another woman was sitting next to me. It seemed that she was alone, so I chatted with her a bit. I know what it feels like to be alone in a crowd like that. I bumped into her again during the day and we talked more. Then she sat with us during lunch. As the other ladies talked, I made sure she was introduced and included in the conversation. When my dad walked down to the community mailbox, he met a new neighbor and struck up a conversation. My sister took my mom to a home and garden show this morning. As they were walking around, my mom said she noticed a man who was watching her. She nodded and said hello. He had a basket of chocolates and brought them to her, so she even got a reward. It can be uncomfortable being the first to speak to a stranger, but each of us found joy in doing it today.

I Found God today in joy speaking to strangers.

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