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Neighbor’s Faithful News

Today in celebration of pi day, I made an apple pie and we had our neighbors over. They told us that they had been struggling the past week or so as the husband’s sister was in the hospital. She was found unresponsive in her room in the senior living building. The doctors had been working hard trying to figure out exactly what the problem was and how to treat her without being too invasive. They did find a couple of issues, but felt there was some type of infection. They reached the point where they felt they had done all they could. The plan now was to move her to rehab and hope she would be able to recover. The neighbors said that it was all in God’s hands and they were trying not to worry and just take one day at a time. They trusted in His plan for her life and theirs. As we enjoyed our pie, they received a message from the sister’s family who was with her. They had just received word that the doctor found exactly what type of infection was present in the woman’s body. So now, she would be treated with the specific antibiotic that should make a huge difference in her recovery. That was great news and the neighbors were overjoyed.

I Found God today once again in His perfect timing.

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