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Promising Words

This evening I went to a training session for people who are working with kids who are in foster care. I have been part of a group of adults who get together with the high school youth to be another source of support to them. The training session was on brain development. The presenter talked about how our brains develop from the womb until young adulthood. When we are deprived of our basic needs as a baby through childhood; or worse are in an abusive situation at a young age; we can become “stuck” in the fight or flight mode. Of course, there was much more to it and it helped to explain certain behaviors in kids raised in foster homes. What stood out to me was that when we see a child “acting out”, or not engaging in a conversation, we should not ask, “What is wrong with them?” but rather, “What happened to them?” And studies have shown that a brain that was not ordered properly as an infant can be retrained. And it can be healed with unconditional love. I thought it was a very powerful presentation.

I Found God today in promising words for kids.

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