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Life, Death, Love, Faith

I have had a friend and her family in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. My friend has had her mother home with her as she has been receiving hospice during the final weeks of her life. My friend has been sharing this intimate time of life, love, and faith. The other day, we learned that her mother surrendered her spirit. The post was heart wrenching and beautiful. With her permission, I am sharing it.

“This morning I put on her watch, her matching infinity bracelet (she took both off a couple days ago) & my Fearless & Faith Over Fear bracelets to face the day.

Two weeks ago, as I sat on the side of her bed, we prayed the Rosary she told me that she prayed the Rosary at 3:00 each day, the hour Christ died. The Spirit put upon me the thought that He would come for her at 3:00 one day, which I shared and she responded “I think so too.” One of many tender moments we shared these last 3 weeks.

My mom always wanted to look pretty, especially for guests these last weeks. Today I felt called to put a little make up on her for the special visit I knew she’d have today. I painted her nails too. She looked pretty.

At 2:55 today her breathing sped up. I knew it was the last symptom to come. Jon, Lori & I were at her side as she finally surrendered at 3:24, the hour Jesus died, just as she planned.

Yesterday, her nurse, with whom we have become very close, shared that she was pregnant and spotting and at risk of miscarriage again. Suddenly everything made sense to me. I shared with mom the news, and offered all her suffering to God for the baby. While mom could no longer respond, she heard me. Today, another miracle, the baby is safe, with all numbers quadrupled! Our nurse arrived today for her daily visit at 3:10, as mom was passing, being birthed into new life.

Thank you all for your prayers…..

Please turn your prayers to this baby. That is what mom would want.”

I Found God today in the beautiful, intimate sharing of life, death, love, and faith.

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