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Mesmerizing Bird Song

We spent the day at the cabin today. It was pretty windy during the day making it difficult to fully enjoy the beauty, but it calmed down later on, so I went out for a walk just before dusk. It was so quiet. I didn’t do a power walk, just kind of a meander. I would stop every now and again to take a good look around and listen for any wildlife. There is a large rock about halfway down the large hill by the cabin, so I headed there to just hang out. As I was enjoying the scenery, I heard a bird call. It wasn’t one that I was familiar with. There was a single tone, then a long series of trills. It would start on one note, then the next series would start about a fifth above the first. The trills echoed in the otherwise quieted hillside. I was mesmerized. I don’t know how long I stood there listening. I never did see the bird that sung the beautiful melody. But I certainly did appreciate it’s song.

I Found God today in a beautiful, mesmerizing bird song.

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