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Theresa’s Toffee Takes Off

My sister has been struggling trying to find a new job and getting very discouraged. Many people have been encouraging her to start her own business selling her amazing coffee toffee. She finally decided to pursue the idea and has been working day and night for weeks to prepare for her first big event. She, my sister, and a friend spent 2 days at the event. We followed her via text and some pictures. Not only did she sell over 150 pounds of toffee – almost selling out her entire stock – she won the award for the best toffee. When we heard she won, my mom was so proud and happy for her, she was crying. We all knew it was the most amazing toffee, and now thousands of others also know. This was the accomplishment that my sister has deserved and has been waiting for, giving her much needed hope. I’m sure this was the first in a series of successful events to come.

I Found God today in my sister’s success.

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