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Mother Not Alone

I heard a beautiful story on the radio today. A woman who had gone through some very difficult times in her life, was estranged from her son and grandchildren. She hadn’t heard from him at all on Mother’s Day, so she decided to go out on her own. At the restaurant, the waitress realized that she was a mother all alone and felt sad for her. She and some of the other waitresses got together and bought her a small gift and treated her like a queen – even buying her meal. Even though they didn’t know her full story, they just knew that she shouldn’t be alone. That meant so much to the mom and she was overwhelmed. Later that night, she called her son who she hadn’t spoken to in a very long time. She shared her joy with him and they vowed to get together. The woman then invited the waitresses to a girl’s night to thank them. I don’t know the details of the woman’s difficulties, or the reason for her not speaking to her son. Neither did the waitresses, and it made no difference to them. They knew she was sad, they empathized with her, and did what they could to help. Their actions put a whole different set of actions into motion with the mom and her son that may not have happened otherwise. To me, the story is a beautiful example of how an act of kindness can seriously change lives.

I Found God today in a beautiful act of kindness that made a difference.

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