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Grateful for the System

My dad had an appointment with the eye doctor today. Thankfully, everything looks great – there has been no change since his last visit. Since he had no news to share, the doctor told us about his travels to other countries as he learns and speaks about health care. He said that the health care system in our country is by far the best – even with all it’s problems and flaws. He believed that the socialist countries are in a downward spiral and are headed for a collapse are they are not going to be able to sustain the growing elderly population. He had many thoughts from the price of drugs to the biggest costs currently draining the health care system. One of those costs being the problem we have with obesity and all the diseases that are associated with it. If we as a country get healthier, that would alleviate much of the financial strain. He contends that the free and open market is still the best way to manage the whole system. It was educational and somewhat inspirational. After listening to him, I found myself more grateful for the system we have and for my own health.

I Found God today finding myself more grateful.

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