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Pelted Garden

We made a trip to my sister’s farm today and visited family. Her huge garden got hit with hail a couple of days ago. I saw some pretty sad photos of the damage and wondered if there were any vegetables left. We took a tour of the area and some of the plants had been completely mowed down. Many vegetables had holes and marks where the hail hit them. But I was shocked to see new growth already in some of the plants. Some even had new flower blooms. My sister and her husband had gone out and harvested the day before the storm, so they had quite a bit in storage. I was surprised to see the amount of vegetables they still had to offer. My sister said that while the hail damage was extensive, it also took care of some things that she no longer had to worry about. She said all in all the storm was a Godsend. I thought that was a pretty good attitude, especially knowing how much her garden means to her.

I Found God today in good news among a destructive storm.

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