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Fall Oasis

We headed home today after spending a few days at the cabin. The fall colors up there were breathtaking. The gold and orange leaves “quaked” in the breeze as the sunlight shone through them. They were stunning against the deep blue sky. Even though it was cool, cloudy, and foggy this morning, it only added to the beauty as the leaves glowed through the shroud. It was the first year I tried taking pictures with the camera my dad gave me last year for my birthday. I spent the majority of the time trying to capture the vibrant scene in photographs. Of course, try as I might, it is very difficult to replicate the awesome beauty of nature in a photo. But my dad gave constructive critiques as I went along and shared ideas and different ways to look through the lens. I tried them out and could see a progression with each new excursion. When we left, we took in as much as we could. But we were surprised that the area of the cabin was really the most beautiful. It was like a little oasis and we felt pretty special to be in the middle of it.

I Found God today in the beauty of nature and trying to capture it.

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