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Quick Decision, Lifelong Blessing

We spent some time at the cabin today and visited with a friend of my parents who is the closest neighbor. He started building his house a couple of years after my dad started building and they have known for about 40 years. He told the story of how he came to purchase the land. He and his family lived in New York at the time and took several weeks during the summer to do some camping. This particular year, they were in the area looking for a friend’s construction site. They happened across a realtor who knew their friend and took them up to see the place. The realtor put them up in a cabin for the night with the understanding that he would show them some property the next day. He left them with a map of the region. They didn’t really want to spend time looking at property, but they did very much enjoy the cabin. As they reviewed the map, they found one site that would be desirable to them. They figured it would already be sold and they could go on their merry way. The next day, they met with the realtor who showed them the one piece of land they picked out. The lot was not sold and they fell in love with it. They made the deal right then and there. It was a spur of the moment purchase for sure. My parents and the couple became good friends right away. Of all the instances that could have happened and all the people who might have purchased the land, the friendship of this family has been such a blessing.

I Found God today in a story of an unexpected decision that resulted in a lifelong friendship.

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