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Better Sleep

My mom has been getting up at a new earlier time recently. This morning she said she has been sleeping much better lately. Ever since she had cataract surgery, she has been seeing huge halos around lights, especially at night. Evidently, when she would wake up during the night, she saw the large red numbers from the alarm clock which was surrounded by a bright red glow. She talked to my dad about it a couple of weeks ago, so he thoughtfully moved the alarm clock to a different place where only he can see it. I guess it made a difference. Now when she wakes up during the night, there isn’t a large glowing object staring at her. What’s more, she doesn’t know what time it is so there isn’t any of that lying awake and checking the clock every 10 minutes. When she gets up at her new earlier time, she feels well rested and ready to begin her day.

I Found God today as my mom is getting better sleep.

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