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Made For More

Tonight I went to an interesting and powerful event called Made For More” led by Christopher West. The presentation started with a somewhat disturbing animated video of people on their cell phones not paying any attention to one another, dehumanizing horrific events, and finally following each other as they walk off a cliff. The point was that we “look” but do not “see”. We look at people in certain ways, but often don’t see them as the irreplaceable, unique, unrepeatable individual that they are. The speaker talked about how each one of us is a product of our parents, and their parents before them, and their parents before them, etc. If one other sperm reached the egg, we as an individual would not exist. We have the ability to effect those around us in the way only we can. And each of us has a yearning desire to be seen and known by another. Too often, we look or are looked at as a means to make another “happy”. When one no longer makes another “happy”, they dispense with them and move along. Of course, this leads to a tremendous amount of pain and agony, which can lead to people reacting or acting out in ways that keep the cycle going. We were made for more. In a successful marriage, each partner is open with one another, sees one another, knows them, and loves them for who they truly are. God, who created us, knows us more intimately than anyone else can. Even the most successful relationship here on earth gives us a small taste of the relationship that is possible with God. The presentation went even deeper after that and I really am pondering the whole thing. I’m glad I was able to go, to listen, and to come away with some new insight.

I Found God today in a reminder of the amazing intimate love God has to offer.

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