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Not the D Word

I looked through the Mass readings early this morning and was glad I did. The Gospel scripture was about divorce. The people asked Jesus if it was OK to get a divorce as Moses said it was. Jesus answered that Moses gave that rule due to the hard hearts of the people. Jesus then goes on to condemn divorce. Being a divorced person, this reading always cuts to my heart. I have heard many sermons on the topic and some of them have been very insensitive, so I did my best to prepare myself before Mass. The priest started his homily by talking about his own vocation and how he came to be a priest. From there, he discussed the vocation of marriage and what a wonderful Sacrament it is. He said that a husband and wife relationship mirrors the image of God in the Trinity. The love of the two people is so strong, that they are able to create another. It was deep, but beautiful. His talk was focused on the loving relationship. He never even said the “D” word at all. I was grateful, relieved and uplifted.

I Found God today in thoughtful words of love and marriage.

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