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My brother called tonight and gave us a little video tour of the house he just moved into. He started playing the drums when he was in high school and still has a full drum set as well as an electronic set. When we went to the symphony the other night, I thought of him as I watched the percussionists – particularly the woman playing the timpani. I am sure that my brother could play those instruments and told him that I thought he should. Suddenly, my mother said, “I just remembered! I used to play the timpani!” Evidently when she was in the high school band, she would play whatever instrument was needed. She played the clarinet for a while, but didn’t really like that. The band needed a french horn, so she played that next. Then one year they had no percussionist. So, my mom played those instruments including the timpani. She also played the xylophone in the marching band. We all had a good – appreciative – laugh. First, at my mom’s long term memory. Second, at her musical talent that continues to astound.

I Found God today again in amazement of my mother’s talents.

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