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Bits of Calm

My dad was scheduled to have a procedure done this morning. However, he was feeling pretty bad yesterday and we ended up in the Emergency Room. They ran several tests and he was admitted for observation. The plan was to still have the procedure done today. I arrived early to the hospital while my sister came and stayed with my mom. I found out that there was some mix-up with my dad’s pills, but he was still to have the procedure. In the mean time, he could not to have anything to eat or drink. We waited and waited. We then discovered that they would be doing the procedure in the afternoon. My dad waited for a few more hours – anxious, frustrated, and hungry. In the midst of all of this were bits of calm. The hospital chaplain came in and prayed with us. A nurse came in to do a test and had some things in common with my dad so they had a very nice conversation. The priest who was formerly at our parish came and anointed my dad. That was beautiful. It was these small bits of calm interspersed in our waiting time that made all the difference. My dad did finally have his procedure. All went well and he was able to go home tonight.

I Found God today in those who bring calm to stress.

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