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History Repeats Itself

In my bible study class tonight, we went through the book of Judges. This is a rather disturbing book describing the continuous cycle of disobedience, consequences, and faith of the nation of Israel. During that period of time, the Israelites would do whatever they wanted, deciding not to obey God and not to teach their children about Him. This led to things going so badly for them that they ended up in slavery much of the time. But, when they remembered that God said He was with them, they would cry out to Him. He would help them by sending a judge who would act on His behalf and set the Israelites free once more. They were happy and lived life in accordance with God’s will for a while, then would again go about doing whatever they wanted. This cycle continued over and over again – each time ending worse than the previous. I thought about how the same thing happens to me on a personal level. I try to live my life in accordance with God’s commandments. I can go on for a while feeling like I’m doing pretty good and start doing little things that I shouldn’t. Before I know it, I’m in a bad way. The good news is that God is still with me as He promised. And when I cry out to Him, He listens and sets me back on track.

I Found God today realizing God’s grace when it is most needed.

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