Rescued and Rescuer

I find the politics in our society pretty disturbing, so I deliberately did not watch the State of the Union address. However, I did come upon the near end of it by accident. The President was introducing a gentleman who was rescued from the Dachau concentration camp. Sitting next to him was an American soldier who helped to liberate the camp. Seeing the two men side by side was very moving to me. When the young American soldier joined the Army, I wonder if he realized the impact he would make on one person and consequently a family and a nation. It was yet another example of choosing good over evil and the effect one person can have. It didn’t even matter to me if it was a political move or not. The scene was beautiful.

I Found God today realizing the impact a person can have on many lives.

2 comments on “Rescued and Rescuer

  1. So sorry you did not see the whole SOTU address as I think it was one of the best speeches I have ever seen or heard; Bruce agrees! It started out with 3 aged men from WWII who survived the war and showed a 10-yr.-old who survived cancer, plus lots of wonderful American history to make you proud to be an American as God gave this country to us (as I’ve always believed He did for Israel’s people.) I think the best statement was about rejecting Socialism! Also, that “every baby, born and unborn, is made in the Holy Image and likeness of God!” Yes, our President really and truly did say that in his wonderful speech! It was terrific and inspiring.

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