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Your Sweet Spot

Yesterday when my mom’s friend was visiting, we were lamenting over the state of affairs and down right evil in our city, country, and world. I personally become overwhelmed with the news of horrific events. I want to do something to help, but other than pray, there really is nothing I can do. This can lead me to feel guilty about not doing enough. As I started Lent today, I read and watched several meditations. The one from Dynamic Catholic struck me most. It started out by talking exactly about those feelings I struggle with. In a nutshell, the message was that God has a place for each of us where we are to use our gifts to make a difference in a loving, positive manner. It is your “sweet spot”. In the comment section after the video, hundreds of people shared their “sweet spot” and how they were affecting lives right where they are. There was even a man who was caring for his parents that sparked a long thread. I empathized and understood as that is my life right here and right now. It was encouraging, comforting, and inspiring.

I Found God today realizing my “sweet spot”.

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