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Starting the Day With Joy

I started my day at the YMCA and the aqua aerobics class. It is never easy to get out of bed to make this happen, but it is so worth it when I do. This morning we used pool noodles as one of our “weights” to challenge our muscles and balance. It is difficult to put one noodle under one foot and hold another noodle in your hand and do jumping jacks in the deep water. There were 2 fairly new ladies in the class and as they struggled with the movements, the noodles kept popping up and getting away from them – as it does to me from time to time as well. But they just laughed and laughed. It was hysterical to them, which made it hysterical to everyone else. On top of that, there was a CD playing compiled of the greatest love songs as chosen by the individuals in the class. When we weren’t laughing, we were singing. And exercising all the while. It was such an uplifting way to start the day.

I Found God today starting it off with joy.

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