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Brotherly Love

When I got home from the chocolate festival on Saturday, my brother from out of state had arrived for a visit. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I were surrounded by men – my dad, both my brothers, and my son. It was a different dynamic from the usual and we had fun as we visited and ate and laughed and played games. On Monday, my brothers, parents, and I visited a national park that is not too far away. There are paved paths, so my mom brought her walker. She was quite a trooper as she rolled up and down the hills. The weather was perfect to enjoy the picnic lunch we brought. My brother also helped my dad go through some of the things he has stored away. He packed up some of the things to take with him and helped my dad decide what to do with others. My brother left this evening to visit my sisters and get a closer start to his drive home. It was wonderful to have him around for a couple of days.

I Found God today enjoying the presence of my brother.

































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